Portable bio toilet 21 l

Model 4521. Using the sales experience of previous years and customer wishes, we implemented the following design changes:

The main advantages of this model:

  • The size of the tank for clean water has been increased. Now the volume is 12 liters. The bowl itself is enlarged, it’s in the form of an oval, close to a standard toilet bowl, which allows people to use any bio toilet with comfort
  • Electric flush
  • T-flush. The new flush design makes flushing more efficient and more economical use of fluid in the upper tank. Water flows in two opposite directions.
  • A new external form of a toilet. New design, oval edges, more ergonomic shape
  • The size of the tank for drains has been increased. Now the volume is – 21 liters
  • Changes of the lock shape. Now it’s much more convenient to use the valve to access the lower tank
  • Over pressure valve solves the problem of spraying water.
  • Level indicator allows to control the filling of the lower tank
  • And the best part: Piston flush. Water is pumped. It is easy, fast and economical.


Reference: 4521
Weight, kg: 6
Can be used with stand: no
The height of the toilet, cm: 43
Dimensions, mm: 414 * 380 * 430 (h)
Warranty: 12 months
Permissible load, kg: 150
Indicator availability: yes
Pressure relief valve: yes
Water tank capacity, l: 12
Volume of the lower tank, l: 21
Manufacturer: Avial
Water drain: electric
Color: gray

Head of Department: Tatyana

Contact phone: +380632332993