The Breeze hand wash stations has an attractive design and a sealed water tank for proper hygiene. The breeze is perfect for those who really need both.

It has washability from fingertips to the elbow and non-contact pedal pumps for children. It has been the standard for Satellite products for many years, ensuring trouble-free operation.

The new Breeze comes with all the features that event organizers want at handwashing stations. To maintain attractiveness, blue areas have a pattern that hides scuffs and scratches. There are also extended bumpers on the side and top, which act as a buffer during transportation.

There are two entrances for clean and industrial water and an additional outlet at the base for draining used water. To help drivers, all connectors are tied to the chassis to prevent loss or damage. The station has two handles for lifting and fits easily inside most trucks.

First of all, the station has a sealed reservoir for fresh water, in which chlorine is added to kill bacteria. Overall, the Breeze is easy to install and operate.

  • Free position
  • Suitable for most portable toilets
  • Sealed Fresh Water Tank
  • Pedal pumps
  • Heavy nozzles
  • Handles on both sides
  • Conclusion for discharge
  • The central tower holds 6,250 sheets of single packs or 4,200 sheet reusable packs
  • Optional electric water heater


  • Height: 1638 mm
  • Width: 645 mm
  • Depth: 485 mm
  • Color: Gray / Blue
  • Freshwater: 76 L
  • Industrial / used water: 83 L
  • Weight: 30 kg without soap dispenser

Available for rent and sale.