If you have a dry closet, or you want to rent a dry closet, or even if you don’t plan to buy a dry closet, then you may need our sewage services. We are glad to offer you our service.

The package of servicing customer of dry closets includes:

  • cleaning the dry closet tank
  • cleaning of the dry closet
  • filling the tank with deodorizing mixture for dry closets
  • installation of a roll of toilet paper

Well aware that pumping dry closets is one of the most important tasks these days, we are very responsible about our work at all its stages. After all, the services of pumping dry closets are in great demand not only in Kyiv, and the cleanliness of our city, the health and good mood of its residents depend on how well and efficiently this task is carried out.

If “Eco City” is taken up, there is no doubt – the order and cleanliness are guaranteed.

Dry closets pumping Kyiv

Our experts carefully consider routes and schedules for pumping dry closets to ensure high efficiency, safety of funds and time of our customers, as well as fully take into account all their wishes and not create any inconvenience.

At all stages of dry closets pumping in Kyiv, strict control is carried out to ensure high-quality services, and our regular customers have long appreciated the European level of service and fairly attractive prices.

Do you want to take the full benefit of working with a leader? Then contact – “Eco-City” performs dry closets pumping efficiently, quickly and not cheap at all.