We offer our services in pumping sewer wells, toilets, cesspools in private homes and enterprises.

We provide maintenance services for treatment tanks at car washes.

We organize the removal of liquid household waste from various enterprises.

Pumping of septic tanks Kyiv

The cost of such services depends on the location of the facility on the type of services provided for sewage disposal, on the type of waste disposed, as well as the amount of work done.

The cost of services is negotiated with each customer according to the current prices, at the time of the transaction.

Regular customers are given discounts.

Services are provided by Isuzu, Mercedes cars with a barrel volume of 5 m 3 . Available on cars there are hoses with a total length of up to 15 m. (There is the possibility of increasing the length of the hose, negotiated separately).

Sewer well pumping services:

  • wastewater pumping
  • sewage pumping
  • septic tanks pumping
  • sewer wells pumping
  • sewer treatment.