Deodorant liquid

We bring to your attention a reagent for the receiving tank for perfumes and household chemicals.

A reagent (antibacterial and deodorizing liquid) for the lower tank was developed and certified at our enterprise.

When using the drug, you can easily cope with unpleasant odors and eliminate their cause (prevents the putrefactive processes, gas formation).

This drug can be used for toilet cabins with a storage tank of various designs and made of various materials. The reagent doesn’t contain components that cause corrosion of metals, aging of plastics and rubber; It doesn’t contain acids, oxidizing agents, phenols, formaldehyde, phosphates, it is environmentally friendly, explosive and fireproof.

The reagent has been certified at the Institute of Environmental Hygiene and Toxicology by Medveda (Kiev) and meets all the requirements of environmental and sanitary-hygienic standards (hygienic conclusion No. 05.03.02-07 / 42961, produced according to 24.5-31613817-010: 2005).

Today we offer you the line of smells “Almond”, however, the consumer can choose his own flavor from the entire range of fragrances produced by our company.

This product is available in 1 liter bottles.

For wholesale buyers there is a flexible system of discounts.

The calculation of the required amount of water and reagent is based on the capacity of the receiving tank according to the table:

The volume of the receiving tank of the toilet, l.110-122150100200250300
The required amount of reagent, ml.5353550100200250250
The required amount of water, l.0.21.522481012