Bio toilet PT15A

A new type of bio toilets RT20. For easy use, the lower tank has a fill indicator and an over pressure valve. This greatly simplifies its operation.

The most suitable for families of two to three people. Tank filling time for family of three is approximately 7 days (about 50 uses).

The main advantages of this model:

  • The one-piece design of the tanks (without seams) made of very strong plastic. Allows to use the toilet in any conditions
  • The valve of the lower tank is made of steel, unlike other analogues (plastic)
  • Easy to maintain
  • The ability to use coasters with handrails Type B, as well as coasters Type A, which makes this model indispensable for the elderly, sick people and people with disabilities
  • Availability indicator
  • Presence of over pressure valve
  • Swivel drain pipe added for easy drain
  • LOWER TANK – 15 liters


Item: PT15A
Weight, kg: 6
Can be used with stand: yes
The height of the toilet, cm: 37
Dimensions, mm: 390х330х370 (h)
Warranty: 12 months
Permissible load, kg: 150
Indicator availability: yes
Pressure relief valve: yes
Water tank volume, l: 10
Volume of the lower tank, l: 15
Manufacturer: Avial
Water discharge: manual bellows pump
Color: gray

Head of Department: Tatyana

Contact phone: +380632332993