Aqua Rinz

A unique add for water in the flush tank, providing a more effective flush. Environmentally friendly.

Main advantages:

  • Eliminates gassing from waste decomposition
  • Maintains freshness of water and aromatizes air
  • Forms a protective film on the surface of the toilet sink, which facilitates subsequent flushing
  • An important additive that increases the efficiency of flushing with a concurrent decrease in water consumption, as well as cleaning and protecting the inner surface of the toilet bowl with each flush, forming a micro-thin protective film on its surface
  • Prevents dark spots on the toilet when using hard water
  • Aqua Kem Rins fluid improves toilet hygiene and leaves a pleasant smell of lavender after rinsing

Method of application: dosage – 100 ml of Aqua Rinse on a 15-liter flush tank.

Add Aqua Rins to the flush tank until it is filled with water!


Weight, kg: 1,5 l
For lower tank: no
Producer: Thetford (Holland)

Head of Department: Tatyana

Contact phone: +380632332993