Bio toilets rental: profitable, convenient, affordable

MTS (Ukraine)

Bio toilet complete set:

  • cabin
  • storage tank 240 liters (480 visits)
  • exhaust pipe
  • paper holder
  • latch with indicator (free / busy)
  • washbasin
  • sink

All-plastic pallet

Size: 1150*1150*2350
Weight: 100 kg

Today bio toilets are installed on construction sites, in places of public events, near summer cafes and retail outlets, at gas stations and parking lots. They are important part at many offsite corporate events.

The reason for the popularity of bio toilets is the large number of advantages. One of the most important is autonomy.

A mobile toilet can be installed anywhere; you do not need to connect it to centralized engineering networks. The cabin is lightweight, transported by trucks and installation doesn’t take much time.

You can organize a sanitary zone even for a very large event even in a day. The use of special detergents allows getting rid of unpleasant odors. Many models have a sink.

But, in a number of cases, the purchase of a bio toilet is unprofitable. For example, if we are talking about a summer cafe, you need to store a booth somewhere in a cold season.

Most of the mass events last from several hours to several days, they don't take place too often so the rest of the time there is no need for mobile toilets.

The best way out in such situations is to rent them.

Bio toilet rent in Kiev

Today, if you really need something, you don’t need to buy it, you can always rent it. This statement also applies to mobile toilet stalls.
Bio toilets rental services in Kiev are very popular.

Although only a few companies currently offer such services, the market is actively developing.

The issue of renting bio toilets in summer is especially relevant. When the weather becomes warmer, summer cafes open, various fairs, concerts and other outdoor events are held. A number of corporate events (holidays, seminars) are also held outdoors in summer.In addition, without a sanitary zone, tent camps cannot exist.

Work on construction sites is also carried out mainly in the warm season.

A well-maintained beach won’t be able to function normally without a toilet. It’s easier to say that they are indispensable wherever there is no central sewage system. In addition, the public toilet is often not a solution, since not all of them are maintained in good sanitary condition, and their capacity is not enough for mass events.

When relaxing on the beach or in a tent camp, attending a concert or a fair, people should feel comfortable, which is impossible without a properly equipped sanitary zone. As for the construction site, employees simply won’t be able to work effectively if the proper conditions
are not created for them. Therefore, it is necessary to organize a sanitary site, especially since bio toilet rental is not expensive.

Bio toilet rental services in Kiev usually include:

  • Delivery the required number of cabins to the facility, their installation.
  • Periodic maintenance (pumping out the storage tank, washing with special tools,replenishing consumables).
  • Dismantling of cabins and their removal at the end of the lease.

Read more about the maintenance of toilet stalls

Obviously, without a proper care, using the toilet very quickly becomes impossible. Wash the booth, hang a roll of toilet paper and fill the dispenser with soap – you can still do that yourself, but in order to pump out the tank, you will have to contact specialists.

The most profitable rental of bio toilets in Kiev and other cities, is one that includes after-sales service. In this case, the client doesn’t have to worry, the cabin will always be in good sanitary condition and completely ready for use.

The price of rental is acceptable even for people with average incomes and for small companies.

Specialists will wash the booth with specified intervals, install a toilet paper, fill the dispenser with liquid soap.

Please note that rental and maintenance services are provided by agreement. It prescribes the frequency of pumping out the contents of the tank and other nuances. The client chooses the frequency during the discussion of the terms of the contract at his discretion.

Cabin installation

The landlord usually delivers the toilets and sets them up. But the preparation of the site for their installation is the responsibility of the customer. There are no special restrictions, the cabins are light and have compact dimensions.

It is important to take into account that there should be free access to the installation site, since it is necessary not only to bring a cabin, but also to lease the contents of the tank with a cesspool truck during long-term leases.

If necessary, the platform on which the cabin will be installed is leveled. Mobile toilet can be placed on concrete, sand, earth, gravel.

Today, toilets are usually offered for rent, with a peat mix or an active chemical liquid (reagent) fillers. It is worth considering that each model has its own installation features, therefore, when choosing the type of booths, it is necessary to clarify all the nuances with the manager. For example, when installing some peat stalls, it is necessary to organize a discharge for liquid waste, which is not always possible.

Liquid toilets for the most part don’t require additional communications and are completely autonomous. All you need to install them is a flat area. Clean them out only with a wastewater machine with the subsequent disposal of waste in accordance to the sanitary
rules requirements.

Where to rent bio toilets at low-cost

Services for renting bio toilets in Kiev on optimal conditions are offered by the “Eco-City” company. If you need toilet cubicles for any period, we will provide them in the required quantity.

Prices for the rental of bio toilets are quite democratic. Our company has a modern fleet, so delivery and service are performed as quickly as possible.

Rental Benefits:

  • There is no need to buy cabins.
  • Service is carried out at the agreed time, which you can choose at your own discretion.
  • If necessary, you can add the number of cabins and the frequency of their maintenance.
  • At the end of the lease, the toilet is transported by the lessor.

The cabins are lightweight and compact, so they can be installed anywhere. But their effective functioning without timely maintenance is impossible. It’s quite difficult to maintain the cabins on your own.

Trust the specialists of our company, and you will save yourself from many problems.

You can choose the best service schedule.

High-quality cleaning using special disinfectants will eliminate questions from the sanitary services.

Rent of bio toilets won’t be expensive. We guarantee an individual approach and offer optimal conditions of cooperation for every client.

Our managers will answer any questions, help determine the booths, quantity and the optimal service schedule.

All the booths have a modern design.

Types of rent

We offer rental of bio toilets in Kiev on a short and long term basis.

A short-term lease is from a several hours to one month.

The price of renting bio toilets depend on the number of booths and the frequency of services. Before concluding the contract, we will discuss all the nuances and make sure that cooperation leaves you only positive emotions.

A long-term lease is for more than one month. The price includes 4 tank cleanings, washing and deodorizing liquid filling. If the toilet will be used very intensively and additional maintenance is required, it will be prescribed in the contract and include extra pay.

Our main advantages:

  • Reasonable prices;
  • Individual approach;
  • High-quality after-sales service;
  • Prompt delivery of booths;
  • Strict observance of the service terms ;
  • An unlimited number of cabins is provided for the rent.