Cassette bio toilet 3622

The cassette bio toilet got its name due to the use of an autonomous receiving tank, which is easily stretched, transported and drained. The volume of the receiving tank of the cassette toilet is 25 liters. This is the best option in the country.

The cassette toilet itself consists of a lower compartment where the receiving tank is located. This compartment is closed by a lid. On the front side of the lower compartment there is a valve to access the receiving tank, as well as a fill indicator that allows to control filling. The upper part is designed in the form of a standard toilet bowl, where water is flushed. Water can be poured through the inlet or it is possible to connect the upper tank to the water supply and rinse by pressing the flush button. Flushing occurs through a corrugated pump through two nozzles, which ensures a complete and high-quality flush.
Smooth polished plastic allows you easily rinse the clean water.

There is a need to focus on the design of the receiving tank.
The lower tank is made of plastic. For convenient transportation there are two, rather large, plastic wheels, and a metal handle with a plastic coupling. The receiving tank of a bio toilet can be both in horizontal, and in vertical position. The plastic handle, drain pipe, over pressure valve allows you easily and accurately drain water.

Another, not least important, advantage of this toilet is the ability to rotate the upper part relative to the lower part by 180 degrees. This helps to save space.

The main advantages of this model:

  • Lower tank 25 liters. The model with the largest tank of bio toilets
  • The filling indicator in the receiving tank.
  • The ability to organize flushing both when connected to the water supply system, and independently
  • Double flush with clean water
  • The larger size of the upper part of the cassette toilet allows people of any constitution to use it
  • Existence of a rotary drain pipe over pressure valve
  • Lower tank with easy-to-carry handle and two plastic wheels
  • Solid tank construction (no seams)
  • Rotate the top relative to the bottom 180 degrees


Reference: 3622
Weight, kg: 12
Can be used with stand: no
The height of the toilet, cm: 54
Dimensions, mm: 57 * 39 * 54 (h)
Warranty: 12 months
Permissible load, kg: 150
Indicator availability: yes
Pressure relief valve: yes
Water tank capacity, l: 15
Volume of the lower tank, l: 25
Manufacturer: Avial
Water discharge: manual pump / stationary discharge
Color: gray

Head of Department: Tatyana

Contact phone: +380632332993