Bio toilet DOMETIC 976T

Dometic 970 bio toilets series – the most important thing is convenience!

After the years of research and development experience we created a bio toilet that
provides an exemplary level of hygiene and have no unpleasant odors. Thanks to modern
technologies and materials, Model 976 can be considered the most convenient. Pump,
which creates pressure in the upper tank. The descent work with a touch of a button. This
technology allows washing off about 26 times, using only 8.7 liters of water. Draining occurs
through 4 nozzles at 360 degrees, which guarantees high-quality cleaning.

The main advantages of this model:

  • One-button pressure flushing
  • The lowest water consumption with high-quality discharge
  • Home comfort thanks to comfortable sitting
  • A drain branch pipe with the valve that guarantees no splashes when draining
  • A filling indicator allows you to control the lower tank filling
  • The convenient height of the toilet is 40 cm, which makes it comfortable to sit and get up when using
  • The durable, hygienic ABS plastic guarantees the reliability of the structure
  • Convenient lock


Reference: 976T
Weight, kg: 5.9
Can be used with stand: no
The height of the toilet, cm: 40
Dimensions, mm: 390 * 334 * 390
Warranty: 12 months
Permissible load, kg: 150
Indicator availability: yes
Pressure relief valve: yes
Water tank volume, l: 8.9
Volume of the lower tank, l: 20
Manufacturer: Dometic
Water drain: 360 * pressure flush
Color: white

Head of Department: Tatyana

Contact phone: +380632332993