The module consists of two parts – female and male.

The female part of the module is equipped with toilets, a sink, a changing table and a chair for children. The male part – urinals, sink and toilet. In the module all drain buttons are touch. The module has speaker and ventilation systems. 
Automatic air fresheners – will not give a chance to a bad smell to spoil impression of rest.

The module can work autonomously, as well as with a network connections. Renting such a module – is a concern for the comfort and health of your guests.

New in 2020! 
«Eko-City» ltd


Male part of the block

The male part is equipped with three urinals, one toilet and one washbasin.
The male part has 2 220V sockets, towel and toilet paper holders, two dumpsters, an air freshener, a soap dispenser and a mirror.

Female part of the block

The women’s part consists of a washbasin, 3 booths, one of which is equipped with a special seat for a child.
The female part has 2 220V sockets, towel and toilet paper holders, four dumpsters, a child seat, a changing table, an air freshener and a mirror.

Technical information:

Weight 2500 kg
Size 5500 x 2300 x 2500 mm
Electricity 220 v.
Energy consump. 8,5 kwt
Temperature -40 с до +40 с
Connection Autonomous / stationary
Type of module Toilet
Place where to settle anywhere
Type On-wheel
Quant. Of objects 4 booths and 3 urinals and 2 washbasins
Class Premium